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This past summmer we traveled to South Florida to visit the Everglades and the Florida Keys.

"Airboat, Everglades"

If you're ever in South Florida, make a point to visit the Everglades. It is truly a unique and remarkable place. I realize now that it is a national treasure that must be saved at all costs. If you really want to see the "Glades", I highly recommend an airboat ride.

"Fakahatchee Strand"

This is at Fakahatchee Strand, a part of the Big Cypress Swamp. Wild orchids live here in amazing abundance. Chris is standing next to a large cypress tree with a strangler fig growing around it.

"Strangler Fig"

Here's another strangler fig growing around a palm tree. The most important thing we can do in this new century is leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren and save this beautiful treasure we call the Everglades.

"Chris's Gar"

The Everglades is a fisherman's paradise. You can pull of the road just about anywhere (and the natives do) and throw a line in. Here's Chris with his catch, an alligator gar. Only problem is there's lots of gators around, so you have to keep an eye on your buddy.

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