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Key Mango Images
Just Us
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The residents of Key Mango

Butch and Tai

Me and Tai

This is me and "Tai Shi Yoda San" , our 5 year old male Akita. Tai is well over a 100 lbs, but is actually a big teddy bear. Our female Akita, "Imoto Tsunami" (younger sister tidal wave) or Mo, is about half Tai's size, but is "Hell on Wheels". Mo is not photogenically inclined, so we don't have any great pics of her yet.



My favorite photo of my lovely wife




Tai's "baby picture"

Chris & Nina

Chris & Nina

This is my grandson Chris with his terrier he named "Precious Nina La Fleur". Nina who was rescued from the pound, holds her own against the much bigger Akita's.

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