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Welcome to Key Mango!
We left the rat race of the frozen north and headed south to the warm embrace of the sub-tropics. The day we arrived in Florida, our lives changed forever. Our days are filled with the warmth of the sun, family and friends and a love for our beautiful state. Everyday when that big orange ball gently floats down to the horizon and fills the sky with it's golden rays, we realize how lucky we are to live here.

Florida is truly a unique and beautiful state. Although development is rapidly expanding, much of the state still remains pristine and natural. My photographs taken over many years try to reflect both the modern and natural Florida.

I started this web site to share the photographs I've taken over the years. I use photography as a way to express my artistic yearnings. In some of my images I try to interplay nature with modern Florida. I'll be updating this site periodically with more images. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I do making them. Thanks for stopping by.
Butch Hanks
Mango, FL

"Sunset on Treasure Island"

"Sunset on Treasure Island"

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